Alan on TV

During his time with the Ramblers’, Alan was called on to do many press, radio and TV interviews. Tap the thumbnails below to see video clips of some of his TV appearances. The video quality is limited by the old VHS tape recordings and compression for this website. If the videos do not play in your media player some help can be obtained by clicking HERE.

Durham County Council made an order to divert a section of the Teesdale Way recreational path from Barnard Castle to Cotherstone. This would have driven the path down into dense woodland and lovely views would have been lost. In 1996 a public inquiry was held and Alan argued the case to retain the popular existing route. The Inspector agreed and the path was saved.

Broadcaster Eric Robson asked Alan to take part in a documentary about obstructed public footpaths, and the filming was done around the village of Heighington in County Durham. Alan dragged Eric around difficult paths and the programme aired in 1994. As a result, some long-standing problems were resolved and circular routes from the village were walkable again.

All of the above were each filmed in only one “take” with no repeats needed, including the “piece to camera” - what a pro! (Note the not-so-subtle use of “TV‑speak” here, commonly used by luvvies the world over.)

In 1987 a tenant farmer totally destroyed a section of the ancient Salters Lane north of Darlington. He ploughed up the surface and grubbed out all of the hedgerows. Alan enlisted the support of the landlord (it was Darlington Borough Council) and the farmer was forced to restore the track and plant new hedges. Today, the hedges are thriving and the track is a pleasure to walk once more.

Salters Lane news item

A TV producer invited Alan to take part in a controversial documentary which looked at the debate about supposed conflict between red and grey squirrels. Alan defended the rights of the greys to some extent but also supported measures to help the reds. Filming was done in the garden at home. The programme was shown in 1999 and generated much discussion.

Teesdale Way news item

Squirrels Programme

Eric Robson Programme