Computer stuff - video problems

It very much depends on your operating system as to what format of video file is capable of being played by the media player on your PC or mobile device. Tablets and phones might not play some kinds of AVI video, for example, and older PCs sometimes seem unable to cope with MP4 format video. More recent PCs and devices tend to be more versatile and often cope with most formats, but the issue is complicated..

The videos used on this website are in MP4 FORMAT which it is hoped most PCs, tablets and phones can play without problem. Depending on your browser, the video might open directly and stream to play on your PC, such as in Internet Explorer, but Google Chrome or Silk may need to download it first before it will play. Some older versions of Windows Media Player might play the video in sound only, however, and to solve such problems you may need to download and install a video codec. These allow Media Player to open and correctly decode video files and are often available free on the internet.

Examples of video codecs which are known to help on PCs include DIVX which can be obtained free by clicking HERE.

Before installing any programmes from the internet, read this VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE [click] for advice.

If you are viewing this website on a mobile phone or tablet you may find that some pages do not display correctly and that some videos will not play. Some attempt has been made to optimise this website for the Kindle Fire HD and the Windows Mobile Phone, but guarantees cannot be given that the same can be said for the huge number of other mobile devices and operating systems.

For further info or advice, contact Alan by clicking HERE, or ring him. Also, try googling “video file formats” for lots more info.

Does your  PC or device say it is unable to play a video?
Does video play but not display properly e.g. no sound?

If “yes” is the answer to either question, read on.