Computer stuff

The vital first line of defence against unwanted viruses and malware from the Internet. Updated every day, it also has lots of useful features such as scanning your system, warning of threats on webpages listed by Google, and checking for viruses in e-mails. The latest version appears to have ironed out many problems from earlier versions.

Protection against intrusions from hackers on the Internet. It learns what programmes are safe and rejects probes from unsolicited sources. Has a “stealth mode” which can make your PC invisible to others on the Internet. Is more versatile than Windows Firewall. Version 10, however, seems to have introduced adverse issues not evident in version 9.

The e‑mail programme with numerous backgrounds, e‑cards, animations and sounds. It has a familiar appearance very like Outlook Express and Windows Mail, but livens up boring emails. The Xe edition has major compatibility issues with Windows 7 & 10.

The free, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office. There are equivalent programmes to Excel (Calc) and Word (Writer), for example, which have a similar appearance and feel to the M/S versions. M/S documents can be imported, and exported in a variety of formats. One shortcoming is that there is no direct equivalent to M/S Publisher included.

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In addition to the usual software found on PCs, Alan has found the following programmes to be useful in helping to solve the inevitable computer problems which arise from time to time. All of them are FREEWARE and they can be legally downloaded from the Internet and used.

For further information about these programmes, contact Alan, who may be able to advise on some specific PC problems, but the certainty of finding a solution cannot be guaranteed! The programmes are recommended “as-is” but are installed and used at the user’s own risk.

Before  installing  any  programmes  from the internet, read this VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE [tap] for advice.