For anyone interested, there is an outline below, with examples, of the origin of the photographs used throughout this website. Most are from Alan & Bridget’s personal collection, but some were kindly donated by friends and family. The pictures are obviously all digital now, but they fall into 3 main categories:

(1973 - “young and carefree”)

Originally basic prints of various sizes taken with simple cameras. These were scanned and then image-processing software was used to remove blemishes. The quality in some cases is quite reasonable, but in others is very limited by that of the original print.

(1986 - “Alan’s ELO years”)

Originally 35mm slides taken with a standard SLR camera. The slides were re-photographed using a digital camera fitted with slide adapter, then the results were cleaned up using image-processing software. The quality is generally acceptable, but can be a little variable at times, depending on the type of subject.

(2006 - “happy retirement”)

Photographs taken with good digital cameras The originals are of high quality but have had to be compressed for publication on the site for reasons of limited storage space and shorter display times, leading to unavoidable reduction in final quality. All photographs can all be downloaded on a PC by right-clicking and selecting “Save picture as….”

See if you can spot which photos are in which category as you browse the site!