Rambling on

An insight into Alan’s time as a volunteer worker
with the Ramblers’ Association, 1982-200

In 1982, a farmer took exception to Alan walking with his dogs along a local public bridleway and tried to drive his car at him. The prospect of having “ovloV” stamped on his rear end by the radiator badge inspired Alan to new heights in speed walking! He took up the case with the Darlington Group of the Ramblers’ Association who proved to be very effective in having it resolved. Impressed, Alan joined and soon became heavily involved, serving as Darlington Group Secretary and Footpaths Officer from 1984 to 1999. He led numerous walks of all grades across most of the north of England, the largest attendance being nearly 100 people!

Waymarking in Tudhoe

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Alan became North Yorkshire & South Durham Area Membership and Area News Secretary and served a 3-year term as Area Chairman. He was a frequent delegate to the Ramblers’ National Council, it’s governing body, at conferences all over the country. He fought 4 public inquiries into footpath diversions, winning three of them, and prepared the case for the successful High Court appeal against an inspector’s decision. After nearly 20 years of active and satisfying involvement, Alan and the RA parted company in 2001.

Building a stone stile in Gretadale.

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