SGS Reunited 1

On another UK trip in 2008, Brenda and her husband Roger stayed at Alan & Bridget’s caravan before all enjoyed a long weekend of nostalgia at the lovely home of Ann Temple and her husband Peter, near Dunoon (above and below left). The fine ferry ride back rounded off a brilliant time (below right)..

More contacts with the ex-Stanley Grammar School pupils from the yeargroup of 1960-67.

Brenda Tregenza used to live directly opposite Alan at East Stanley for 10 years, and they grew up together as great friends through Junior School and the early years at SGS. When Brenda’s family emigrated to Australia in 1964, they lost touch until Brenda contacted Alan in 2005 while in the UK, and they met up several times.

This turned out to be a real trip down memory lane as they visited the sites of the schools, their old houses (below and right) and other haunts, as well as fitting in a walk in Clumber Park forest in Notts (above right), followed by a meal.