SGS Reunited

Contacts with ex-Stanley Grammar School
pupils from Alanís own yeargroup of 1960-67

Other more recent contacts include Pat Draper, who met up with Alan for a walk in the Lake District in 2013, and Janet Muncaster, who regularly e-mails her news. Alan also communicated with Ken Tyson and managed to locate Brian Harrison through his work as a postmaster. After Alan left hopeful messages with her family in Pelton Fell, Margaret Laidler got in touch then met for a delightful afternoon at Christmas 2009. Acting on information received from Joe, Alan also called in on Marian Towers for a long chat. In 2011, Ron Scott came along to a York reunion.

Alan met Colin Crispin for the first time on 3rd of September 1960 when they sat next to each other by chance in the very first lesson at SGS. They remained best friends for the next 47 years, until Colinís sad passing in August 2007.

Dick Dyce and Alan kept in touch from time to time over several years, and recently met up at the York reunions. They also rendezvoused in Scotland and Darlington.

After a gap of nearly 30 years, having lost touch, Joe Leigh made contact with Alan in 2002 and they spent an enjoyable New Yearís Eve catching up at Joeís house. They now meet up about once a year for a reunion with other ex-SGS people and mutual friends, in York.

Gordon Atkinson (L) and Geoff Cullen (R) have become regulars at the annual meet-up after Alanís persistent detective work at last succeeded in tracking them down.

Alan had occasional contact via email with Trevor Boggon (seen above L with his wife Kay), and also with Sid Clough (above R with his wife Anne). In 2011, Trevor, Sid and Alan then met up in York.

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