Woodham Walkers

The Sharp Edge (Blencathra) debacle
in the snow, 8th Jan 82. Exciting stuff!

During the 1980’s, a disparate (or was that “desperate”?) band of Woodham Comp. staff started (ir)regular walking trips to the Lake District, and “Woodham Walkers” came into being. This is a photographic record of some of those adventures.

While Phil, Chris and Dave went on to complete the climb, Ged, John and Alan considered that continuing to live was preferable to sudden death from falling several thousand feet off an icy knife-edge arête, retreated, and spent most of the afternoon in the White Horse, Scales. When the other three finally struggled in at 3.05pm, cold, tired and thirsty, imagine their reaction when the landlord refused to serve them - the licensing laws of the time. My, how we laughed!