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This site is aimed at keeping informed the people of Whinfield, Darlington, and our neighbours in adjoining wards, about what is going on in our district. It is not directly connected with the local residents association or any other organisation. It is provided as a free service for the benefit of everyone who lives in the ward or surrounding area.

A major issue which is currently affecting Whinfield is the contentious proposal by Darlington Borough Council to designate in the Darlington Local Plan a vast area for proposed housing development in unspoiled countryside to the north of the Town. This could involve the possible relocation of Darlington Golf Course into Skerningham Countryside Park to allow a large housing estate to be built, with the loss of many trees and public access. It may also be the case that an access road to the development will be pushed right across Springfield Park.

Also under threat is Muscar House Farm as a new zone for housing, located behind Barmpton Lane in the fields towards the River Skerne, A planning application by Bellway Homes to develop Elm Tree Farm has already been submitted to Darlington Borough Council [Nov 2018 & Nov 2019].

The Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA), with the support of Darlington Borough Council (DBC), has brought forward proposals for a Darlington Northern Bypass, which might relieve heavy traffic from parts of Whinfield but which is likely to destroy parts of the beautiful and historic Ketton Country and Skerne Valley and facilitate housing expansion into the countryside.

These threats are real and imminent, and hopefully if the residents of Whinfield, and our neighbours, are vigilant and prepared to oppose insensitive developments, progress might be made to try to stop or moderate them. These webpages are designed to provide information, and to say something about some of the attractive features of our neighbourhood, such as Beech Wood, Springfield Park and Skerningham Countryside Park.

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